It’s time to start submitting your stims and getting the conversation rolling! The idea of this blog is to explore how stimming is experienced by autistic people, and to build a database of behaviour types. What are your stims? How do they feel? What parameters of the stim are the most relaxing? What music is best for stimming?

I want to hear how happy you all become when you do your favourite stims. I want to see diagrams of what kind of movements have the biggest effect. I want to see pictures of what you imagine when you stim. I ask not just what stims you have, but how you conceptualise stimming as a sensory experience.

I’m interested in what triggers them as well (add warnings if they’re traumatic). One of my major triggers is actually reading about stimming, so this will be an interesting blog to run!

The blog is currently run by Alyssa.


Anonymous asked
my hair oh my gosh i grew it out because it's thick and I love the weight of it and I am constantly playing with it, tying knots, braiding twirling, running it through my fingers, it is the best thing ever.


DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets

To the anon looking for weighted blankets that don’t retain heat, this is where I got mine from, and I LOVE it so much.  They don’t put any kind of stuffing in their blankets, so they don’t get too hot—I still sleep under mine in the middle of summer.  They’re also totally custom, so you can get any weight you want with literally any fabric you can find on the internet.  Or you can just go with one of their pre-made ones if you’re not too picky about fabric.

Anonymous asked
I have something that might be a stim; I tend to bite and drag my teeth against the sides of my fingers, and sometimes just bite my fingers, not even the edges. Is this normal?

I’m not convinced normal is a good concept to try to apply (or not apply) here. 

It does sound like a possible stim, though. And I’d suggest being careful because any time “chewing on self” type things are a stim, there is a risk of breaking skin and you’ll need to clean that up well if it happens. So, you know, make sure whatever you’d need for disinfectant is on hand just in case.

Anonymous asked
I'm still unsure if my stim is actually a stim or not. Usually I play with my hands, constantly fidgeting, but when I'm really worked up, there is nothing better than doing single loom bands on a hook, I end up making them extremely long when I'm really stressed out. I also regularly use a tangle, I carry it everywhere with me :3

Sounds like stimming

Anonymous asked
bubble wrap! especially the big kind because then you can squish the air around in the bubbles and also chew on them before you pop them. eeeeee bubbles!
Anonymous asked
i'd like to submit a vestibular stim: i sway my head side to side when i get really stressed or overloaded.
Anonymous asked
do you know any good weighted blankets that don't retain heat? i'm very heat intolerant, but i also constantly want pressure on me, especially when i'm trying to sleep. for now, it means i bundle the blanket on top of my torso and want to cry because it's hot, but it's the best i can do.
Anonymous asked
I pretty much never stop stimming. I'm always tapping or chewing or flapping. I didn't actually flap until recently when I was drying my hands by flapping them and realized how good it felt, and I just kept doing it.


Stimming is literally the best!!! One of my favorite stims is hot water baths for my hands. :)

-mod narise


I get annoyed when people assume autistic people only do so-called “autistic behaviours” — like flapping their hands, reciting movie dialogue, or thinking about their special interest, etc. — in order to cope. Like… sometimes we do use those things to help us cope, but sometimes we just do those things because they’re fun.

emotionalhemophilia asked
For the person with anxiety stims: For the hair pulling, look up trichotillomania. It's its own separate disorder, and you can find a lot of resources and distractions for that specifically. I also have it and use it as a stim, so you can message me about it if you want. I recently learned that a good way to not pull is to put vaseline on your hands. You don't want to get it in your hair, and it will also give you a texture to play with instead of pulling.