It’s time to start submitting your stims and getting the conversation rolling! The idea of this blog is to explore how stimming is experienced by autistic people, and to build a database of behaviour types. What are your stims? How do they feel? What parameters of the stim are the most relaxing? What music is best for stimming?

I want to hear how happy you all become when you do your favourite stims. I want to see diagrams of what kind of movements have the biggest effect. I want to see pictures of what you imagine when you stim. I ask not just what stims you have, but how you conceptualise stimming as a sensory experience.

I’m interested in what triggers them as well (add warnings if they’re traumatic). One of my major triggers is actually reading about stimming, so this will be an interesting blog to run!

The blog is currently run by Alyssa.


Anonymous asked
i'd like to submit a vestibular stim: i sway my head side to side when i get really stressed or overloaded.
Anonymous asked
do you know any good weighted blankets that don't retain heat? i'm very heat intolerant, but i also constantly want pressure on me, especially when i'm trying to sleep. for now, it means i bundle the blanket on top of my torso and want to cry because it's hot, but it's the best i can do.
Anonymous asked
I pretty much never stop stimming. I'm always tapping or chewing or flapping. I didn't actually flap until recently when I was drying my hands by flapping them and realized how good it felt, and I just kept doing it.


Stimming is literally the best!!! One of my favorite stims is hot water baths for my hands. :)

-mod narise


I get annoyed when people assume autistic people only do so-called “autistic behaviours” — like flapping their hands, reciting movie dialogue, or thinking about their special interest, etc. — in order to cope. Like… sometimes we do use those things to help us cope, but sometimes we just do those things because they’re fun.

emotionalhemophilia asked
For the person with anxiety stims: For the hair pulling, look up trichotillomania. It's its own separate disorder, and you can find a lot of resources and distractions for that specifically. I also have it and use it as a stim, so you can message me about it if you want. I recently learned that a good way to not pull is to put vaseline on your hands. You don't want to get it in your hair, and it will also give you a texture to play with instead of pulling.
artostark asked
For the anon some non harmful stims I do are twirling a pair of dangly earrings (also rubbing the feathers its such a ncie texture!!), cracking my knuckles (i do it constantly in class oops!), rubbing my lips together (like when you put lipstick on to spread it but its a nice stim esp if u have lipgloss on) and embroidering! i usually do that one to calm anxiety so it might not work in all situations but i find the repetitive motion is calming. there's also stim toys which could really help!!
doorfus asked
Replacement stim for hair pulling: get a spikey ball, and pick at the spikes. Or make a tassel of soft yarn, and pull on those.
Anonymous asked
For the person asking for alternatives that are safer than hair pulling and head banging: unraveling fabric like denim is really fun and great if it's more about pulling on stringy things, finding a brush or something to use on scalp/skin is great if it's more of a sensation thing. Hope this helps a little.
Anonymous asked
I'm not autistic (so if you'd rather I didn't use this blog, please let me know!), but I often stim to help manage my anxiety disorders. However, I sometimes use harmful stims like hair pulling and head banging. My best friend (who's also sort of my caretaker) has been looking for alternative stims he can redirect me to so I don't hurt myself, but we haven't really found any good info sources. Can you help us out?

Followers, ideas?

And yeah, you’re fine looking for help here. Blog is for anyone who stims, most reblogs are from autistic people cause current active mod, me, is autistic. I think our dyspraxic mod still has the ability to post, just hasn’t been doing much.


Alright my fellow stimmers. 

let me tell you about kinetic sand.

This glorious matter is like sand, but it’s soft and flowy and you can shape it and crush it and let it fall through your fingers and feels so soft and wonderful i just want to sleep in it. 

It’s like a glitterjar, but in your hands. 

It’s wonderful and it makes me so so happy. 

I don’t like sand, like beach sand, because it sticks to you and makes things gritty and horrible. 

This doesn’t do that at all!! Like unless your hands are very sweat and you just grind your hands in it, it wont stick. And even if it does, you can just wipe it off. 

It’s wonderful and a gift from the autie gods. 

There’s videos online if you look. 

It’s a little more expensive than most stim toys, looks like 20 dollars for 2 pounds online. My mom picked up a 1 pound box somewhere, I don’t know how much it cost. 

But it’s so fucking amazing, you should definetely pick some up if you can.