It’s time to start submitting your stims and getting the conversation rolling! The idea of this blog is to explore how stimming is experienced by autistic people, and to build a database of behaviour types. What are your stims? How do they feel? What parameters of the stim are the most relaxing? What music is best for stimming?

I want to hear how happy you all become when you do your favourite stims. I want to see diagrams of what kind of movements have the biggest effect. I want to see pictures of what you imagine when you stim. I ask not just what stims you have, but how you conceptualise stimming as a sensory experience.

I’m interested in what triggers them as well (add warnings if they’re traumatic). One of my major triggers is actually reading about stimming, so this will be an interesting blog to run!

The blog is currently run by Alyssa.


I have a stim when I’m reading or anything, it’s an almost constant thing when my hands aren’t busy, where I like pull on my upper and lower lips at the center, pinching them together and then letting go. Always my right hand, never the left because that’s usually holding a book or writing.

When I’m stressed or trying to concentrate in class, I’ll bounce one or both legs. I like bouncing them so my toes hit the floor, loud enough that I hear but quietly enough not to distract everyone else. If I’m typing, that’s enough sensory input that I don’t have to leg-bounce.

I had a concussion and now I have some form of SPD, I think, because with loud noises I get stressed and have to cover my ears, turn my head, or cover and uncover my ears in a pattern that changes the sound, or I have what I would call a panic attack-thing, and that sometimes turns into a sort of meltdown (I guess?) where I have to move away from the noise and I’ll push people out of the way or hit them if they don’t let me move away from the noise.

Also, if I’m cold or stressed, my skin gets crawly, and pressure, like from a tight sweatshirt, especially on my arms and torso, helps calm me down and makes my skin less crawly.

(Sorry, this got long!)

Anonymous asked
for the putty anon, crazy aaron's putty is my favorite and it doesn't have a sticky residue at all. it also comes in really cool colors!
Anonymous asked
Hi! I'm thinking of buying some kind of putty as a stim toy. Does anyone have recommendations? The thing I'm most worried about is having a sticky or smelly residue on my hands after playing with it.
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thank you so much for running this blog! It's really helped me <3


for anyone in need of cheap stim/fidget toys !



this is a gourmet club silicon pot holder ! what makes it great is its squishiness and suction-cup feeling with you squeeze it . its very pleasing to handle and can make for a good chew toy as well . i find it very helpful when under stress or just when i need something to fidget with . i got mine for only around $6 at kroger , but i know they are sold at walmart as well , probably for around the same price . i also found them on amazon for a little more , at around $10 . since its a pot holder its pretty large , but its also easy to cut into any section you want . you can share it with your friends easily this way , and keep it in your pocket for travel !


i just thought i would share this since i enjoy it so much and dont have a ton of money to spend on good stim toys @_@;

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for replacement anon, have you tried hitting something else, like a table? or just holding your hand against your forehead and rocking? hold something heavy and shake it up and down?

I love to play with my hair, twist it around my fingers, braid it, run my hands through it, brush it. I also feel the need to rock (rocking chairs are the best thing EVER) when I’m upset or thinking too fast. I tend to bounce and jump and jitter around when im happy.

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for the vocal stims anon: i've recently started repeating the word "click" over and over very quietly. It's good because it feels nice in your throat and can be whispered almost inaudibly! I've been doing it at work for weeks and no one has even noticed.
Anonymous asked
i have a problem where i have a lot of vocal stims, and it really annoys my family members. my little brother is sensory defensive too, so he needs more quiet and me making background noise can bother him. do you have any advice?

You going outside/to another room when you need to stim, him going outside/to another room when he is bothered, seeing if noise-cancelling headphones work and are in the budget, asking around for substitute stims?